Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Yeah I has been quite some time since I have been in here and posted some of my pages and shared some news with you......

Here are three of my most favourite ones that I have done recently....the first was for Stuck!Sketches the second was just me playing around at a Stick 'n' Giggle crop night and the last was for a challenge at ScrapLounge - which I won I have to tell you! I just love the picture of my mummy!!!!!

I have a fair bit of news to tell too! Cinta and Mitch moved back in at home - so yes - we are packed to the rafters! But I so love having her here too. They are living in the garage and have it set up like their own little house - which still looks like an Ikea catalogue!!!

There was a massive accident right outside my front door on Sunday just gone - the car involved hit a car turning into my street and then hit Mitch's van that was parked on the roadside and pushed it about 30 metres up the road even with the handbrake on.

It was a huge mess that took over three hours to clean up !!! Still waiting to hear the final outcome of this one!!!!!
Stick 'n' Giggle is having the retreat this weekend - so with just 2 more sleeps to go - I am going to be a busy little bee! I can't wait though! There are 27 of us heading on up to Woodlands of Marburg - with people coming as far as the ACT, Melbourne, Townsville, Chinchilla and from all over the place!!!!! It is going to be great!
Last bit of news!!!!! I PROMISE that I will make at least a post a week from now on! I am hoping for a post a day but that might be a little bit too much to ask for - so a post a week (at least) it will be!