Thursday, 23 October 2008

Guess what!!!!

You would not believe what has happened to me!!!! Last week I was checking through my emails when I noticed one from Scrapbook Creations...thinking it was another rejection email I opened it - guess what it said "we love your layout can we publish you???" OMGosh - I am still in total disbelief.....danced around the house for a bit then went back to the computer to continue reading and sorting through what was there...then I saw it - another email from Scrapbook Creations....this one listed not one - but two (YEP TWO) layouts that it wants to publish!!! WHOOOOOO HOOOOO!!!! So - I will have 3 layouts in issue 64 of Scrapbook Creations!!!! YEAH!!!!!!


scrapea said...

Wow! BIG congrats to you Jody! Thats so exciting for you - well done - cant wait to see it (have'nt got that mag for a while, but I'll get that one!)

Wendy Smith said...

well done Jodi..fab news