Thursday, 9 April 2009

yeah I know....I said a post a week....well I have a good excuse - I have been so sick since retreat that I haven't even unpacked yet....everything is still a mess but I am starting to feel a little better and I am hoping to come home tomorrow after lunch with the family and get stuck into it and have it all done - NEW stock and all....

Well I have to rub it in too - My retreat was FANTASTIC!!!! I had a ball and I am pretty sure that about 99% of the attendees would say the same. Check out some of the photos that were taken on the Saturday night - our 1920's style fancy dress with dinner in the main house!!!!!!

The simply elegant Jodi (goddessjodi)!!!!

And here is Rondelle, Shazz, Jodi, Barb and Kym!!!!

And Nee and Coralie!!!!

Here is my Mummy (Karen) and I - aren't we just stunning????? (well Mum is anyways hehehehe)

And here is all of us! This photo was taken at the front of the Main Mansion.

Such happy times....but then there is some very sad news too....Some very good long time family friends of ours lost their only son last week. I am still finding it very hard to deal with and can't imagine how they both must be feeling right now, as he was just the same age as Shannon - such a horrible loss of life for someone so young and who had so much living to do. RIP Aaron you will be eternally missed xx

Well that is it from me tonight - I absolutely promise that I will be back soon to share some more exciting news!!!!!


Shazz said...

be well soon my gorgeous friend.
thanks again for the most amazing time on the weekend of the retreat - when is the next one....???

and i am so terribly sorry to hear about the loss of your friends' son - such a young life to be lost.

have a wonderful easter break - rest up and be well soon xo

Linda said...

Well I know I am one of those people in the 99% it was a fantastic time with good friends & an AWSOME hostess (truly was great Jody)
Sorry to hear your still not well, hope your on your feet 100% soon (especially with new goodies there, will wait for the next crop mmmmmmmmm goodies)

So sorry to hear about the loss of a friend. Hope the girls are coping okay with the news :(

The Easter bunny is almost here, not long now till we are allowed to eat chocolate without feeling guilty lol. Hope you have a great weekend, be safe & see you soon

kym said...

I had the time of my life........thanks Jody!!!
Amazing venue, delicious food,
incredible new friends!!!
Thanks for the time and effort you put into planning our getaway and for making the most memorable, fantastic weekend of my life!!!

Sorry to hear about your friends son,
an unfair loss!!! (love to you....MWAH)